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Founded in 1887 and dedicated to the study and understanding of human history and diversity, the Penn Museum has sent more than 300 archaeological and anthropological expeditions to all the inhabited continents of the world. In honor of the 125th anniversary of its founding in December 1887, the Museum has created this interactive map and timeline to showcase the majority of these expeditions, ranging across many geographic areas and time periods. The information includes dates, images, publications, and links to the Museum's collections management database to see objects acquired on select expeditions.

This website will continue to accumulate information about these and additional Museum-sponsored new and historic expeditions, as well as links to associated publications and/or to the objects recovered through those expeditions as they become available in our online collections database. Please continue to explore with us and check back regularly.

The Penn Museum's Interactive Research Map and Timeline has been made possible by generous support from Alexandra Schoenberg and Eric J. Schoenberg, Ph.D., GEN93, WG93, and Gretchen R. Hall, Ph.D., CGS97.

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